Home Station

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My Station
  1. Elecraft K2 HF transceiver with KPA100 amplifier and KAT100 auto tuner in a separate enclosure, configured as "K2 Twins", SSB, DSP and Noise Blanker options.
  2. MFJ CW paddles and an old military hand key.
  3. ICOM 2820H VHF/UHF transceiver with D-STAR option.
  4. ASTRON Linear power supply with a Rig Runner power distribution panel.
  5. Array of home made wire HF antennas, including a 120 ft. long wire, a multi-band dipole array resonant in the CW portions of 40, 30 and 20 meters and a home made J-pole for VHF/UHF.
  6. An old Pentium 4 class desktop computer, running Fedora 10 Linux for D-STAR DV Dongle, DVTool, D-RATS and file backup
  7. Dell Laptop that dual boots Fedora 10 Linux and Windows Vista with Writelog and Logger32 and various Linux ham radio applications.

Mobile Station

  1. IC-706 with AH4 auto tuner.
  2. IC-2820H VHF/UHF with D-STAR.
  3. 40 meter Hamstick HF antenna.
  4. Larson KG2/70 dual band VHF/UHF antenna.
  5. Two MFJ mobile speakers.
  6. RigRunner power distribution panel.

The rigs are mounted under the driver/passenger seats of my 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab truck, with the control heads mounted on a RAM Mounts pedestal attached to the cup holder.

The D-STAR module in the IC-2820H contains a GPS receiver, and reports position information via D-STAR repeater gateways when I transmit. See N0SO's last reported position

Portable Station

Did I mention I enjoy building and operating QRP gear? For portable operation, I use:

  1. An Elecraft KX1 (40/20 version) with automatic antenna tuner.
  2. 30 ft. end feed wire antenna with counterpoise wire.
  3. Whiterook pocket mini key.
  4. Earbud style headphones with a home made booster amp and audio filter.
  5. Powered by an external 12V battery pack, or the KX1 internal battery pack, depending on how much I want to carry.

I've take this station on several backpacking trips.

I also have several other QRP rigs, including a Rockmite, SST-40 and SST-30.