The N0SO D-RATS Repeater is Operational

If you are using KK7DS's D-RATS software, you can check into the Ham Nation after show net via D-RATS by connecting to: 

  •  port 9000



To add to your d-rats configuration:

  1. Click File -> Preferences -> Radio
  2. Click the add button
  3. Give your new port a name - something like N0SO Ratflector
  4. Select Network as the type
  5. Enter as the host address
  6. Leave the port set to the default of 9000
  7. No password is required

D-RATS repeater runs on a Raspberry Pi running on Fedora 18 Linux remix for the Raspberry Pi. It should be online 24/7 unless the "Pi" crashes and I'm not around to restart the repeater.

73 and enjoy!

de N0SO, Mike