DV Adapter Monitor Program

DV Adapter Monitor is a software program that works with the D-STAR Radio Club International DV Adapter. The program monitors the configuration COM port associated with the DV Adapter to capture and display received MYCALL, URCALL, RPT1, RPT2, NOTE, TEXT message and GPS position reports. The same data will also be logged to a file on the computer for reference. The program is available for Windows and Fedora Linux.


Win32 Executable Version

The Win32 version works with WinXP, Vista, Win7. Just download the .zip file and unzip it to your hard drive, connect your USB cable to the port on the DV Apapter, then double-click on the file DVAMON.EXE to start the program. See the README.TXT file for more information.

Fedora Linux RPMs

DV Adapter Monitor for Fedora Linux

Misc Utilities for Fedora Linux